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I'm currently selling various items at esandelsales including lots of Johnny's goods, Korean, Japanese and Taiwan
Actors/Actresses; including some rare items, photobooks, out of print CDs, DVDs, shop photos,official posters, etc.

Including some Narimiya Hiroki photobooks.

I ship worldwide from the Netherlands.

Please take a look.



~ [SALE] Hiroki Narimiya Anniversary Book10 ~

Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I posted in here, but I have always enjoyed coming here!
I was clearing my cupboard and I found out that I have 2 copies of Narimiya's 2010 Photobook so I'll be selling 1 away.

- Hiroki Narimiya Anniversary Book10 @ SGD $40 SOLD

Interested parties, please feel free to leave a comment or PM me! =D

Moderators, if this post is not appropriate, please feel free to delete it! Sorry and thank you!

Happy new year! (^_^)

Sale cd´s and more! ~~ ^^ [Visual kei,jpop and kpop]

I`m selling this Cuz I need the money T3T
- Super Junior 2nd album (repackaged version DVD+CD) : 13€ 
-12012 "Playdolls" : 13 €
- KATTUN "Signal" (CD+DVD) 14€
-NEWS "Hoshi wo mezashite" : (DVD+CD) 17€
-TegoMass 2nd single (DVD+CD) : 14€ 
-Alice Nine Single Jewels (CD+DVD) : 15 €
-Alice Nine Single Tsubasa normal edition : 10`50€
-Alice Nine Single Mirror ball (Limited edition type B) : 15€
-Alice Nine White Prayer (CD+DVD) 15`50
- 12012 "Playdolls" : 13 €
-Alice Nine single "namae wa,midanai" normal edition :12 €
-Alice nine Fantasy limited edition (CD+DVD ) 15€
- Alice nine "Alice in wonderland" : 17 €
If you want to see a photo tell me and I will up one or more !^^
Note :Price is negotiable
Note: I've got Alice nine,hiroki narimiya,gackt ..If u want something tell me !=)
If u are interestin’ U can send me a mail ( or let me a message here ^^
Thanks !