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成宮寛貴 - Hiroki Narimiya
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Welcome to hiroki_narimiya, the Livejournal Community and main English language fansite centre dedicated to the charismatic and talented actor Narimiya Hiroki, known in Japan and around the world for roles in film and television.

Outside of acting, he is also an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and spokesperson for numerous outlets.

We aim to provide fans with the latest news, interviews, photos and updates concerning Narimiya.

  • Respect Narimiya Hiroki

  • Respect Other Members

  • Any rude or insulting post/comment will be deleted right away.

  • All Download Posts must be locked.
    Videos and Audio downloads must be locked. Picture posts are fine.

  • Put Big photos under an LJ-Cut

  • Put Long posts under an LJ-Cut

  • Credit your sources

  • Hot-Linking is Evil

  • Any comments on his jdoramas/movies that can be considered spoilers must be under an LJ cut with a warning.

  • Fanfiction is welcome, but...
    ... Please put the rating in the subject line.
    ... Please put all fanfiction under an LJ-Cut.

working.behind.the.scenes.: If you have any questions, comments or concerns and need to get in touch with a member of our moderating team quickly, you can do so via our Page-a-Mod service (all posts are screened), or by contacting the mods directly (via PM).

Your dedicated mods are:

tsukamoto_ // oguri_shun // suzuki_anne

If you’re interested in being an affiliate (can be a website or another live journal community) contact us via our Page-a-Mod service.

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